Balmoral Group

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Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

Balmoral_ContentMain.jpgBalmoral Group is a leading supplier to the global energy, environmental and polymer engineering sectors, manufacturing tanks and subsea engineering solutions


Balmoral’s manufacturing facility has 2 main production areas.

The Advanced Composite area manufactures wellhead protection covers, fire protection systems, wind turbine nacelle covers, housings, cabinets and high volume mouldings.

Balmoral Tanks’ operation involves unloading, transporting and stacking raw materials required to make tanks, producing the tanks and then storing the finished goods in designated areas inside and out.

Balmoral Group has a seven year working relationship with Hyster and the decision to update its fleet with Hyster was based on its previous experience of a reliable service and the excellent performance of Hyster’s product

Equipment Summary

The equipment is required to perform a number of tasks both inside and outside. Tasks include off-loading raw materials, transporting them to the warehouse and stacking them in racking up to 5,000mm. They are also required for work in the tooling operation and for servicing curing ovens. The fleet includes:

  • H2.5FT Fortens forklift trucks
  • H4.0FT Fortens forklift trucks
  • H16.00XM forklift truck
  • R2.0 Matrix reach truck

Benefits Hyster brought to Balmoral Group

  • Balmoral is able to effectively reduce operating costs and&nbsp experience a low cost of ownership across the fleet
  • Products are dependable in daily operation and fully supported by Hyster’s local distribution partner that offers a responsive professional service
  • Operators benefit from ergonomic features such as TouchPoint mini-lever hydraulic controls delivering accuracy
  • Driver fatigue is reduced and comfort enhanced for the duration of drivers’ shifts by full-suspension seats and fully adjustable steering column
  • Staff accountability is assured thanks to PIN code access required to operate the trucks. It not only means that only authorised personnel are able to operate trucks, but there is no key to be responsible for
  • Drivers are motivated contributing to greater working efficiently due to the comfortable truck design and their reliability
  • A heavy duty 16T truck is required for work in the tooling operation. This truck can be operated easily and safely in tight spaces due to modifications to the mast height for operation under the canopy where the tools are used. The tools that are used are expensive items and so they have to be handled with great care and the H16.00XM has proved to be an effective and reliable truck
  • Handling of awkward loads that overhang pallets can be carried out with ease using longer forks

How did Hyster help?

  1. Replaced the existing Hyster trucks at the 1. end of their contract term with new Hyster products
  2. Modified equipment (for example with longer forks and tool attachment capabilities) to meet specific operational requirements
  3. Continued to offer excellent service and a total all round solution