Stora Enso Paper Plant

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Stora Enso Paper Plant


Stora-Enso_ContentImage.jpgTheStora Enso Paper Plant in Ostroleka manufactures paper and packaging products. It is the largest Stora Enso plant in Poland


Stora Enso, a stock exchange listed company with over 44,000 employees in over 40 countries, operates 24 hours a day (in three eight-hour shifts), seven days a week at Ostroleka, Poland, manufacturing and exporting packaging paper worldwide.

180 million paper sacks to hold concrete, 250 million m² of cardboard to be made into boxes and 60,000 paper rolls for packaging and wrapping are manufactured each year. Paper rolls are stored in a 12,000m² warehouse. The largest paper roll is 2.8m high, 1.5m wide and weighs 3.5T. Cartons and bags are stored in a 12.5m high warehouse. Stora Enso has now outsourced its internal transport operations to Hyster and its local distribution partner and took the following into consideration when making its decision:

  • Cost optimisation / Optimising the efficiency of internal transport operations
  • Outsourcing internal transport operations to a specialised company, to help the Stora
  • Enso management concentrate on its core business


Stora Enso’s core fleet of over 45 vehicles is used in various applications during the 24/7 operation including unloading raw materials, feeding production lines, transporting finished products to warehouse storage and loading trucks for shipment. The Hyster fleet includes:

  • 1.5/1.6T 3- and 4- wheel electric forklift trucks
  • Matrix reach trucks with 10.5m masts
  • Fortens LPG trucks (mostly 5.0T capacity with some smaller trucks from 1.8T capacity) with paper roll clamps
  • Fortens H2.5 - 5.0FT diesel trucks


  • Stora Enso has experienced cost reductions and more effective internal time management. By outsourcing all materials handling and operator related issues to Hyster and its local distribution partner, Stora Enso has completely removed daily materials handling operations from the team’s management responsibilities
  • The customer has experienced an increase in truck uptime, with greater truck availability throughout a 24 hour period. The fleet delivered by Hyster has been designed to meet the needs of the specific applications
  • An open and pleasant working environment is aided by monthly meetings, which are used to discuss performance and any arising issues. This regular communication creates a good working relationship between Stora Enso and Hyster’s local distribution partner and is an effective method of monitoring business efficiency. Stora Enso is pleased with the results of the thorough contract negotiations and agreements made with Hyster’s distribution partner, which has led to an exellent and reliable level of service
  • Operator morale and work ethic has been improved with the introduction of monthly operator evaluations, which monitor performance and measure the number of transport operations and actions completed. This presents operators with targets to achieve and offers a sense of pride in their work. Vehicle downtime has also been reduced due to closer supervision. Operators know that performance is being monitored and as a result are more conscientious and more forward in reporting any damages. Supervision is carried out by both Stora Enso staff and the distribution partner
  • Production continuity is essential for the paper industry, which works non-stop throughout the year. The materials handling equipment is constantly available thanks to the renowned reliability of Hyster products. Truck reliability has been enhanced thanks to the Wet Brakes System on the Fortens, which requires minimal servicing and therefore results in less downtime
  • Superior ergonomics and driver comfort are essential to maintain productivity. Ergonomic features include comfortable seats and TouchPoint mini-levers, which help with easy control
  • Driving in reverse is a frequent requirement in Stora Enso operations. The Hyster Fortens features a rear drive handle and integrated horn button, which assists the driver in finding a comfortable seating position when driving in reverse and ensures he is easily able to make people aware of his presence
  • The durability of the Fortens trucks means less wear and unplanned downtime. The DuraMatch Transmission System electronically controls transmission braking and directional changes, which helps to reduce tyre wear, brake usage and ensures the vehicle operates smoothly
  • Planned maintenance is carried out more quickly and simply thanks to easy access to components and electronic diagnostics and laptop programming


  1. Full audit of existing fleet
  2. Implemented a long term logistics reorganisation plan to improve productivity
  3. Replaced out-dated trucks with new, more efficient Hyster equipment
  4. All materials handling and operator issues were outsourced to Hyster’s local distribution partner to allow Stora Enso to concentrate on core business and improve efficiency
  5. Conducted on-site training for drivers